How to Win at Hanging with Friends

Hanging with Friends is one of the most wonderful and funniest in Android app and iphone today. It’s based on the Hangman game. Many people choose to play Hangman to relax in their free time; however you cannot connect your friends on your phone or your internet. Therefore, it’s convenient to choose Hanging with Friends. It is not difficult to win at Hang with Friends if you follow below things.

hanging with friends cheat finderFirst of all, you should start with the basics. It means that you have to try your best to find all vowels in the words which you must find out. In English, there are five vowels in total, but don’t forget “y” as well as a vowel because in some cases, it is considered as the sixth vowel.

You need to know the number of letters or the words in a phrase when you look at the word or phrase. It will help you to make some clues before guessing. For example, there is a four-word phrase; one of them is three-letter word. You guess “E’’, there no reason the word is “The” you can guess.

It is common that the long words often have at least “E”, but it’s not always correct. Together, “E” and “A”, “I” and “E” often accompany together. If you can guess the vowels, stop thinking and move another basic for winning at Hanging with Friends.

It’s common letters. To solve the puzzles, let’s think common syllables. You never know that the syllable “S” is often followed by “T”. Besides, most of words do not end with “EL” or “EM” but “ED” and “ER” are common. Hence, you can fill in blanks due to these clues. If you are really in problem and you don’t know how to overcome it, you can use hanging with friends solvers to eliminate the stuck.

If you are firm that you know the letter, do not hesitate to choose it. It can be also another word and give you another clue. When playing Hanging with Friends with anyone, follow these basic tips will help you to win over them.

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