Hanging With Friends Word Maker

Hanging With Friends Word Maker

In Hanging With Friends, there are some basic rules to follow when making words for your opponent to guess. During the game, you and your opponent each take turns trying to guess the other’s word. When selecting a word to make, the word should consist of a minimum of four letters and should not exceed a total of eight letters. It is important to remember that acceptable words do not include contractions, abbreviations, proper nouns, or acronyms. Prefixes and suffixes that stand alone are not considered permissible words either. The key to winning Hanging With Friends is to create a word that will stump your opponent. The harder time your opponent has at guessing the word you made, the better it is for you to accumulate more points in the form of gold coins. Every time you make a high-scoring word, your points go up. In order to do this, you have to take the point value of letters into consideration. Longer words are not necessarily more difficult for your opponent to figure out. It is the letters that make up the word that matter as well as the point value of the letters to increase your score and help you win the game.

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Before discussing a certain set of unbeatable words, as mentioned earlier, the point value of letters you choose to make up your word will affect your overall score. Thus, it is important to know that vowels, which include A,E,I,O,U, as well as some consonants, such as R, S, T, are only worth a single point. This means that it is probably not a great idea to make a low-scoring word such as T-E-A-R-S. Letters such as J, Q, and Z, for example, are valued much higher. They are worth ten points. So instead of creating a word like ‘tears’ which will not be that difficult to guess or garner you many points, try to use higher point value tiles in your word like the J, Q, and Z to score big and beat your challenger. You have to be creative when forming a word and use letters that are not usually selected to guess a word in the initial moves of the play. This means that your word should not have letters that are usually selected in guessing the right answer. When trying to create a word that you think would be very difficult for your opponent to solve, another technique is to use words that have many possibilities in relation to the multiple beginnings or endings the word may have. For example, ‘loot’, ‘moon’, ‘poor’ or ‘core’, ‘more’, ‘bore’, or are words that have a standard set of letters, but your opponent will probably take a longer time to figure out the exact word due to the fact that there is a single letter difference. There are words that an average player, especially someone who is practicing more often, can solve without getting a single strike. On the other hand, there are also words that are considered to be unbeatable. You would assume that these unbeatable words are long words that no one has ever heard of, but this is not always the case. Most unbeatable words are actually simple words that are quite common. As with the earlier example, these simple words look very similar to other words that your opponent will have a very difficult time differentiating these words from each other. Most unbeatable words consist of only four or five letters, such as bomb, faux, and lucky. These basic words will cause your opponent to get strikes before they get to solve the word in its entirety.


Word Solver

  1.  In the Word Solver, select the number of the letters in the answer.
  2.  Enter the confirmed letters of the word.
  3.  Input the letters that are not in the answer.

Word Maker

  1. Enter your letters in the Word Maker box.  Inlcude any bonus tiles that you may have and click on the “Make Words” button.
  2. You can select the number of letters to have in the word as well as the difficulty level of the word by checking the appropriate boxes.