Hanging With Friends Word Builder

Hanging With Friends Word Builder

When you use this Hanging With Friends cheat, the Word Solver feature will quickly help you solve the word your opponent has created. In order to use this feature, all you have to do is simply select the number of letters in the answer, then enter the known letters and click on the “Solve” button. As you continue to play the game, you can input additional helpful information by entering the confirmed letters not in the answer until correctly guess what the word is. As you use this cheat, which will help you find the best words, you will not have to worry about your balloons bursting or falling into the lava pit. Once you have beat your opponent after solving the word, it is now your turn to build a challenging word that will be difficult for your opponent to solve. When you use the Word Maker feature, you will be able to create a word by simply entering your letters, including any bonus tiles you may have, and click on the “Solve” button. This Hanging With Friends cheat tool wil help you build unbeatable words that will cause your opponent’s balloons to pop and land him or her in the lava pit below them.

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So, what are unbeatable words? Well, unbeatable words are words that will make your Hanging With Friends, or soon to be frenemies, take a tumble into the not so comfortable lava pit underneath them. Unbeatable words are usually made up of four or five letters. Usually, many would think that the longer the word is, the more difficult it would be to correctly guess what the word is. However, these shorter four or five letter words that have a different starting letter but have similar endings are in fact more difficult to figure out than longer words. For example, words such as BUNK and PUNK have similar endings but a different starting letter. Another strategy would be to start using short words that begin with vowels because your opponent will get confused as to how many vowels there could possibly be in a short word. An example of this tactic would be the word AXIS. And yet another great technique for building a hard to guess word would be to create a word that ends in a vowel because, again, your opponent would not quickly pick up on this. As you keep practicing and playing Hanging With Friends, you will notice that others will have already learned these strategies as well. Therefore, in order to improve your overall game and word building skills, you should also take some time and learn new words to stump your opponents with. This means that as you build your vocabulary using this cheat, you can become a much more advanced player. If you have played other word games, you will have learned the importance of memorizing certain word lists that will help you get better and maximize your score. This strategy of memorizing essential word lists also applies to the Hanging With Friends game. And the great part of this strategy is that both Words With Friends and Hanging With Friends use the same set of word lists since both games use ENABLE (Enhanced North American Benchmark Lexicon) as their resource. The best words to begin memorizing are words that either have many vowels in them or many consonants in them. One example of a vowel-heavy word is ZOEAE. This is an unusual word that is not only vowel-heavy, but it also begins with the not so common letter Z. Plus, it is only made up of five letters. These are just a few example of how this cheat can help you build tricky words and win Hanging With Friends.


Word Solver

  1.  In the Word Solver, select the number of the letters in the answer.
  2.  Enter the confirmed letters of the word.
  3.  Input the letters that are not in the answer.

Word Maker

  1. Enter your letters in the Word Maker box.  Inlcude any bonus tiles that you may have and click on the “Make Words” button.
  2. You can select the number of letters to have in the word as well as the difficulty level of the word by checking the appropriate boxes.