Hanging With Friends Help

Hanging With Friends Help

Hanging With Friends, is just like playing Hangman, except there are a few differences. Hanging With Friends is a word guessing game. You could play up to twenty different people simultaneously, either with your friends or with randomly selected opponents. Just like the classic game of Hangman, you have to try and figure out the word your opponent has created in the appropriate time. You get points for the words you correctly solve. The amount of points is dependent on which bonus squares and letters you use. In the traditional Hangman game, if you incorrectly guess a letter, a diagram is drawn out line by line for each incorrect guess you make; if you are not succesful at solving your opponent’s word, the final drawing becomes a stick figure of a hanged man from a gallow. Sounds pretty frightening, but a simple stick figure does not signify as horrific of a picture as you might think. In Hanging With Friends, your cute, animated avatar is hanging from a bunch of five balloons over a lava pit. As the game moves forward, each wrong answer causes one of your balloons to pop one at a time. If all five of your balloons end up bursting, your avatar unfortunately falls into a lava pit or some other kind of death trap.

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To avoid falling into the lava pit and losing out to your opponent, this Hanging With Friends cheat will help you keep the helium in your balloons and keep you hanging onto them above your competition. This Hanging With Friends helper filters through the ENABLE dictionary to assist you in creating the word for your opponent to guess as well as solving the word your opponent creates for you to answer. This cheat will help you in finding the best word for your opponent to try and solve. What ‘best’ means in this case is that this great resource will find words that will be difficult for your opponent to solve. As a result, your challenger will fall into the lava pit after failing to guess the right answer in the appropriate time. The Hanging With Friends game does have a feature that will help get out of a bind when you find yourself stuck and are unable to solve a word. This help feature consists of three different lifelines, which are named as ‘Suspects’, ‘Extinguish’, and ‘Revive’. Each one of these lifelines offer a different form of assistance. They may be considered as a backup plan that you may rely upon if you are stuck in a rut and are unable to guess the correct answer. The Suspects lifeline, which is symbolized by handcuffs image, reveals four letters, one of which is in the word. If you guess one of them incorrectly, you get a strike against you. The Extinguish lifeline, which is designated by a fire hydrant, reveals which four letters are not found in the correct answer. Therefore, you should avoid guessing these specific letters, which become highlighted in red. And the final lifeline, called Revive, is represented by a bandage icon; this will remove one existing strike that you already have. It basically gives you another chance at guessing the word. You are allowed to utilize each of these three lifelines once per game for free. Once you have used all three lifelines, you can obtain more lifelines if you have accumulated enough gold coins; each lifeline is worth 20 gold coins. You earn gold coins 20 at a time by creating words for your opponent. Every time you reach 200 points, you earn 20 gold coins to buy more lifelines to help you out in your future games. This cheat can help you obtain more gold coins as you practice creating tricky words for your opponents to guess and also learn to guess your challenger’s word much more quickly.


Word Solver

  1.  In the Word Solver, select the number of the letters in the answer.
  2.  Enter the confirmed letters of the word.
  3.  Input the letters that are not in the answer.

Word Maker

  1. Enter your letters in the Word Maker box.  Inlcude any bonus tiles that you may have and click on the “Make Words” button.
  2. You can select the number of letters to have in the word as well as the difficulty level of the word by checking the appropriate boxes.