Some Strategies to Win “Hanging with Friends”

When anyone plays any game, they also hope that they will be the winner. When you use some helps which can give you opportunities to make your opponents confused and solve the game easily. In the case of “hanging with friends”, you should use some strategies to win over your competitors. If you don’t remember some words, you have to keep in mind something.

hanging with friends cheat finderFirst of all, you shouldn’t use archaic words. As you know, a lot of words in the dictionary are no longer used in the old ways. Therefore, if you use Archaic spelling, your opponents will not agree. It will make both of you confused and the puzzle become more complex.

Secondly, you should vary your ending. You shouldn’t use popular word endings all the time. Because if you do that, it enables your opponents to know your methods and he just need some simple steps to get your letters. Therefore, varying the endings is sometimes very good for you. T, R and G are some ending letter you can use.

Another strategy is that you have to remember the bonus space. This can give you some advantages and earn your coins. However, you should use vowels next to bonus square such as DL or TL. If you replace vowels in this square, your opponent will get score. Therefore, don’t do that. Besides, you have to remember to create wording which have consonants nearby premium square so you can limit problems.

Moreover, it’s better to change your method. Don’t let your opponent predict your methods. You can change and chop anytime you want. You should choose words which your opponent just can guess not daily words.

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