Important strategies for playing Hanging with Friends

Hanging With Friends has become one of the most famous game in the word game. This game is based on the Hangman game. Every people have played it at least one time in their life. Nowadays, players can play this game both on internet and phone and they can connect or communicate with their friends. This game will bring many interesting, excitement for you. Hanging with Friends has many varied topics; you can become a winner for at some time. With this short article, I will talk about some advanced tips for playing Hanging with Friends.

hanging with friends cheat finderPlaying with short words. The words contain 4 letters are better because there are many possible choices for each of letters. For example, if you make word PUNK your opponent will see the vowel. But if she or he guesses UNK, she or he will be left with many options like BUNK, DUNK, FUNK, GUNK, HUNK, SUNK, JUNK and so on. Another good way to play is some words that ends with UFF. With this way your opponent is quite hard to guess the letter F, except for the other words which end in UFF like CUFF, BUFF, HUFF, DUFF, etc.

Starting with a vowel. Every player usually makes a word with a consonant. And when you guess you never pay attention to vowels when sounding out valid words which your opponent has played. For example, you play word “EARS”, the letter “A” will be shown in your opponent mind. And it is also a short word, players consider that vowels have a few option to guess and thus they often use consonants like S, N, R, T and so on. When your opponents have “ARS”, she or he will sound out all the words that have “ARS” sound.

Use words that end of a vowel. One of your best interests to use last vowel as benefit is this will be uncovered to your opponent. For example, if you used the word “DINE”, the letter “E” will be shown to your opponent. And he or she will have many possible options to guess S, R and T before finally N. In the case if she or he guesses “INE”, the amount of strikes will be exhausted and the possible options are endless such as: LINE, MINE, FINE, WINE, etc.

Use an online hanging with friends solver. If you get stuck at a game, then you should use a useful online hanging with friends solver to aid you. This is a great key to open up the valid words and letters that you cannot think or guess for the tough words. You simply input your words or letters and then it will give any words that match with your letters. With hanging with friends finder that help you make a words from the 12 letters. Form difficult words for your opponent to solve.

With these helpful techniques and strategies you can learn and use for playing this game and you can improve or win at a game.

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