Guide to Guessing Words about Hanging with Friends

Hanging with Friends is the most fun and wonderful game; it is based on the Hangman game. When players play this game on their phone it can connect with their friends. Players will have more thrills, excitement and bragging rights with world of this game. To win Hanging with Friends game, players not only have great words but also have knowledge about guessing. In this article, I will talk about how to guess words in Hanging with Friends.

hanging with friends cheat finderGuessing words, remember that you will have high scoring letters with shorter words and contrast to longer words will be formed for the common letters. Because many players think that it is very easy to guess for short words about 4-5 letters, if they use letters usual letters like PLATE or CAKE. However it is quite difficult to guess for high value letters. Moreover forming words are easier when using usual letters with high value like Q, J, X and Q. And all people believe that it is difficult to guess with the longer word.

Maintaining these important things in your mind, you must pay attention to amount of letters and the place of the vowel you have and try to find another vowel hidden in anywhere. Let’s find an “A”, the place of “A” vowel also permits for any vowels before it. You can see words like TOAST and LEASH.  The letter of “E” is very safe to use for your guess because it is one of the most popular letter in the English.

Besides vowels, consonants are your best wager in guessing any word. When you guess consonants, the blended sounds you will have to think is SH, PL, ST, FL, CH and TR and these consonants are combined with together. And also you look at “A”, it means that the two letters with first and last are blended sounds. In this case, you can use an R and S because they are the most popular letters that can be blended with other letters.

However, when you begin to guess the words for any ways but you are stuck and find a aid, you can use an online hanging with friends solver for giving many advantage. This tool is a necessary key to give for you letters and words which you cannot think about them. An online hanging with friends solver performs by searching a dictionary for the letters you have inputted and then supplying any words which fit. With hanging with friends helper you will have many ideas for forming words which your opponents selects and it can help you to improve or win in this game.

Now you know how to guess words of Hanging with Friends, you will win for many more games. Enjoy this game with your family members and friends.

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